Antic Disposition's The Comedy of Errors

Gray's Inn Hall, 2016

Production photos by Scott Rylander


Ben Horslen

John Risebero



John Risebero


Composer /

Musical Director

Nick Barstow


Lighting Designer

Lizzy Gunby




Susie Broadbent

Scott Brooks

Paul Croft

William de Coverly

Keith Higinbotham

Alex Hooper

Ellie Ann Lowe

Philip Mansfield

Giovanna Ryan

Paul Sloss

Louise Templeton

Andrew Venning


William Shakespeare





Gray's Inn Hall, London

20 August – 1 September 2016


Périgord and Quercy, France

31 July – 11 August 2016



Celebrating Shakespeare400, Antic Disposition present a brand new production of The Comedy of Errors in beautiful Gray’s Inn Hall in London, the very space where the play was first performed in 1594.


Antipholus of Syracuse and his longsuffering servant Dromio arrive in the glamorous resort town of Ephesus in search of the twin brothers they both lost as babies. The pair are swept into a bewildering society of mobsters and misfits, and find themselves at the centre of a chaotic double case of mistaken identity.


A brand new production inspired by the much-loved Hollywood movie Some Like It Hot, Antic Disposition’s The Comedy of Errors combines Shakespeare’s most farcical play with live music and songs in a riot of slapstick humour and comic mayhem.




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