Oscar Wilde



Périgord and Quercy, France

3 – 11 August 2010


Cochrane Theatre, London

10 – 12 June 2010


Manor Pavilion Theatre, Sidmouth

13 – 15 May 2010


Jermyn Street Theatre, London

16 April – 12 May 2007



Jack Worthing has created an imaginary brother named Ernest, who frequently requires his presence in town – the perfect escape from tedious tea  parties.


Algernon Moncrieff has invented a fictitious friend named Bunbury, who regularly summons him to the country – an excellent excuse to avoid dreary dinners.


However, these seemingly harmless deceptions cause colossal confusion when both men make proposals of marriage. But who, precisely, is engaged to whom?




“John Risebero and Ben Horslen gain maximum humour from this sparkling production. Delightful entertainment.”

Sidmouth Herald


"Strong performances all round and wonderful comic timing. A highly exuberant interpretation of this classic play"

Camden New Journal


"A delightful and worthwhile interpretation"

Indie London


"Thoroughly enjoyable"

The Stage


"John Risebero's stage design is one of the best I've seen on the fringe"

Time Out


“Lively and entertaining, bringing Wilde’s sharp wit to life. The onstage chemistry is as obvious as often as it is laugh-out-loud funny”

Living It






Ben Horslen

John Risebero



John Risebero


Lighting Designer

Howard Hudson



James Burrows



2010 Cast

Anouke Brook

Ashley Cook

Jayne Dickinson

Peter Mair

James Pellow

James Russell

Jill Stanford

Nicholas White


2007 Cast

Judy Burgess

Georgina Carey

Jayne Dickinson

Stephen Carlile

Ian Hallard

Peter Mair

James Pellow

Roger Sansom